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The importance of hiring an attorney to assist with immigration matters cannot be understated. Working with a Riverside immigration attorney to help with the various issues you will be confronting can help make the process go smoother and help you achieve your immigration dreams.

Family Based Immigration

Family-based immigration means that a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident relative, such as a spouse, parent, sibling, or child over 21 years old, is the petitioner of an immigrant visa for another family member. There is an annual cap or limit for certain types of visas, and many other requirements and restrictions, some of which require a waiver. If you or a family member are seeking an immigrant visa to live permanently in the United States, it is important to assess your specific situation before filing any paperwork, and to determine the best and fastest route in order for you to receive permanent residency. Attorney Marie E. Wood can help you throughout the process, which includes an initial meeting to analyze your case and prepare a plan of action. She provides her clients with an array of immigration legal services and can help with any type of family based immigration issues. Any error on the original application can cause unnecessary delays and prevent you or your family member from immigrating to the United States.

Business Immigration Lawyer

Business immigration, as the name implies, is reserved for those who seek to visit the United States for business purposes such as for negotiations for the purchase of assets, for those who seek to invest in a business, or for those who wish to open new businesses. There are many different types of visas within this category. In addition, visas are available when U.S. employers seek to hire foreign skilled workers or entertainers who will be working or entertaining in the United States. By some measures, nearly 25 percent of the Riverside metropolitan workforce is made up of immigrants. Many of these immigrants need help securing a visa and, at some point, applying for permanent residency to get green cards for themselves and/or for their family members. When you need help with business-related immigration or when you seek to hire foreign skilled workers or entertainers, Attorney Marie E. Wood has the experience necessary to help you through the process and ensure the necessary paperwork is filled out properly to avoid delays which can cost your business money. We have extensive experience helping both businesses and employees through the visa process. Contact Attorney Wood for all your Riverside business immigration needs.

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Legal Help with Immigrant Visas

Immigrant visas are required for those who wish to permanently reside in the United States. The complex and confusing immigrant visa process often prevents many people, their families, employers, and employees from going through the process of obtaining a visa. Regardless of your current status, Attorney Marie E. Wood will meet with you to assess your situation and eligibility, and help you with the necessary applications and proof requirements for your specific type of immigrant visa. We will make sure the proper applications are filed and that all required documents are gathered before submission to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Legal Help with Nonimmigrant Visas

Non-immigrant visas are available for temporary travel to the United States, such as for tourism, education, or business purposes. As a Riverside immigration lawyer, we often see these visas denied for various reasons. We will help minimize the chance of rejection by guiding you through the process, forms, and requirements necessary for each type of non-immigrant visa. Marie E. Wood has the experience necessary to help with all your non-immigrant visa applications, the necessary documentation, and required evidence.


Asylum may be available to those individuals who have suffered or fear that they will suffer persecution due to (1) race, (2) religion, (3) nationality, (4) membership in a particular social group, or (5) political opinion. The United States has very strict policies for asylum applicants. However, if you can show eligibility for asylum, you may be permitted to remain in the United States. Working with an immigration attorney is often necessary to ensure the right documents and evidence are filed with your application within the one-year deadline. Attorney Marie E. Wood has successfully helped many people navigate the asylum process. Never take risks with your asylum application; any errors on your application can result in a denial. We can help you work through the process and help increase your chances of success.

Riverside Immigration Attorney - Call Us 951-219-4262Passport Services

If you are now a United States citizen and have applied for a passport and denied for any reason, we can help you respond to the Department of State in order for you to obtain your passport. Although applying for a U.S. passport is a fairly straight forward process, we have since instances where the Department of State asks for additional evidence or even where the Department of State challenges the validity of the applicant’s U.S. citizenship. Other issues that could result in a denial include clerical errors, an illegible application, or failure to include all of the required evidence.

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When you need an immigrant or non-immigrant visa for family, employment, or business reasons, we can help you immediately. Call us for a consultation by phone or in person. We offer both weekend and after hour appointments for immediate issues.

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Individuals and families in Riverside County who need help with any part of the immigration process, including petitions by or for a family member, petitions by employers, or whether you need passport assistance or seek to start a business in the United States, can count on Marie E. Wood for assistance throughout the process. She has helped people all over California with their immigration needs. When you are starting an application or if you have had problems with delays in your application, call Attorney Marie E. Wood today at (951) 219-4262.

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